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History... Kim, for many years I have had a keen interest in VW Campers and when I asked her that must be obeyed 'what was the most memorable times that you had as a child with your parents' and the reply was 'holidays in a caravan'!

There was no way I was ready for that so I said 'how about a camper', with the reply 'umm…ok' So I searched high and low to get the specific model I was looking for, a Dormobile. By luck and good fortune my wife at a post natal meeting was talking about campers, as you do, when up piped...'my brother-in-law has one' and with that information I found myself on the door step of Paul, owner of 'Blue Ronnie' aka 'Rocket Ron' now!. 'Who are you?' was the sharp reply, he stared and I stared only to think it was like looking in a mirror, I got all the information I needed and after many months of emails, telephone calls and miles travelled up and down the UK looking at rust I eventually found 'Bubbles' in Bournemouth, named because of rust just coming through, but she was the bus I was looking for

Back to Paul for assistance we attacked the bubbled areas in my barn and that was the start of the partnership, during the search for 'Bubbles' I gained many trade contacts and an ever-increasing knowledge of Bay buses

Along the path I found many others were also looking for buses just as I had been, so thought there maybe a market out there...back to Paul again where I talked him into leaving his secure job with BT for the trail that we are on today driven by you and your needs…our friends in business

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