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What's this all about then? ever looked at your ole VW and said 'I bet it's seen a few things'
Yes you get, if you are lucky, the paperwork history when you purchase the dub but no
photo's what we are giving you here is the opportunity to build a pictorial life of your dub?
let's see what it's seen in the ownership of others by seeing the photo's that others have taken

Register yourself then register all your VW vehicles separately, create a blog for each dub
upload scanned documents, photo's and add information that you know and then let the system do the rest? people that have
further information, documents, photo's etc can upload their
information, you after registration can also add information to other bugs on the site that
you have owned or simply have a photo of.
This can then be used to aid the sale? we call it the VWV5

As time progresses we intend to offer further features... magazine information requests, dvla
data, postal requests on your behalf and reward schemes for information

It's a pictorial history, information site for your bug, a family tree and yes you use it as a dedicated forum, portal, if it's to do with the dub or you the dubber put it here

Check out the vdubbook website -

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